Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church




We are the only independent Christian Spiritualist Church/Healing Sanctuary within the geographical area of Erdington in North Birmingham.


The inspiration to establish this Church was received through the direction of Spirit Guidance,  and its doors were opened for public worship on 1 January 1990 at 1A Edwards Road, Erdington. It operated successfully from there for 21 years under the loving spiritual guidance of Lin Chan and Brother Christophorus, brought through the mediumship of the Church's Co-Founder and Chairman to the Trust, Ray Wilson.  


Throughout this time, Ray and his wife and Twin Spirit Linda were always taught through Guidance that they should not resist the "Spirit Winds of Change" which if accepted would bring about the natural progression and evolution of the spiritual man and his work for God. These winds of change swept fiercely in January 2011 when they learnt that the tenancy to 1A Edwards Road was to be terminated and also within weeks of this news, sadly, Ray was diagnosed with an advanced life threatening illness. However, Spirit Guidance remained steadfast in its call that the Church must go forward and Ray was led to the new building in Station Road on Good Friday 2011.


Having courageously completed his tasks upon the earth plane, Ray then returned to the White Brotherhood in the World of Spirit on 31 July 2011 leaving Linda to ensure the successful transition of the Church to its new home and continue the spiritual work that they had been charged by the Spirit to do in this lifetime together. Of course this would be overseen by Guidance and naturally, with Ray's involvement from the World of Spirit.


It has been the greatest privilege of Ray and Linda to bear witness to the many miracles that unfolded before their eyes and to watch God's promises come about. Throughout their lives together they have always regarded themselves as "Pilgrims" and a brief background and history of their miraculous spiritual journey can be found under "The Pilgrims' Story" page above. We would urgue you to read their experiences which may help you to understand events on or approaching your own spiritual pathway and to know how special and important YOU are in The Spirit's scheme of things.


Try to understand, you are being CALLED by the Spirit RIGHT NOW! Otherwise you would not be reading these words, would you?

Don't ignore the Calling! ANSWER IT!




Thank you for your interest in this little Church, and for visiting our Website which has enabled us to play just a little part in your Spiritual Journey of Life. We would be privileged to help you in the future if you feel it would be appropriate for you.

We look forward very much to seeing you soon.




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