It is with the deepest possible sadness that I must tell you that my beloved Ray passed to the World of Spirit on Sunday 31 July 2011.  

As some of you will know, Ray was already ill, but became very poorly and was admitted to Heartlands Hospital on 6 July.  During this time he received constant prayers and healing thoughts from his friends and those of the church fellowship and community and I know that he would want me to offer sincerest thanks on his behalf.

A few days before his Passing Ray diligently expressed his thanks to David Goldsby, a long-standing church Honorary Member who had received his HPAI healing training through Ray's sanctuary training programme many years ago, and continues to use that gift in Heartlands Hospital to benefit those he is called to work with in God's healing ministry.  

Ray also called for me to offer prayers for the new Church building.  During this prayer I re-dedicating my life and commitment to continue Ray's work at Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church and to ensure that it would ever continue on its original Christian precepts as received through Ray's Spirit Guidance from Lin Chan and Brother Christophorus.

Flowers have been placed at the former Church in Edwards Road in his honour, and also in the new proposed church building at 44 Station road.  I am pleased that other people have also placed flowers there for him and for this I thank you.

The funeral will take place on Thursday 18th August 2011 at 1.00pm at the Chapel in the Robin Hood Cemetary, Hall Green followed by the burial at 2.10pm.  

Arrangements have been made for a buffet reception following the funeral at the Robin Hood Toby Carvery, Stratford Road, Hall Green.  If you could email to let me know you intend to attend the reception it will give us a better picture of how many to cater for. 

Although some will wish to send flowers, I know that Ray's first thought is for his Church as there is much expense involved in setting up the new building.  For those who feel so inclined, therefore, I am sure he prefers that monies that would be spent on flowers, if generously offered to the church as a donation, would be used to create a lasting remembrance of his name and vision.