I would like to thank everyone who honoured Ray by their presence at the funeral on Thursday 18th August.

If you weren't able to join us, then perhaps you would like to know a little about that which took place on the day.

First of all, having left our home in Shard End at approximately. 11.30am, the cortage travelled to and stopped outside our former church at 1A Edwards Road. It was extremely moving to meet with about 20 friends some old, some new, some having travelled quite a distance to pay their respects to Ray at the place where his Church Ministry first began. 

The cortage then slowly drove past the new Church in Station Road where others gathered holding the Church sign for all to see.

The funeral service itself was attended by over 50 of Ray's family and church friends, and the chapel itself was filled with their love and respect for him.

I had always felt insired and indeed duty bound to conduct the funeral service for Ray, who after all is my Twin Spirit, and did so with the help and support of Ray himself who gave me his strength and courage to do it, and my very good friend Diane who assisted and stood by me in a physical sense.  We have been told by others that the service was beautful and that we had really done Ray proud, so we are truly grateful to God for allowing us to achieve that. The Service covered Ray's family life and of course his Spiritual work and throughout the Service there were tributes from Mal Dwyer, Julie Wilson, Dave Cole (on behalf of David Goldsby who was distressed at being unable to attend personally), Louis Warlock on behalf of the many Pilgrims that Ray trained through his Pilgrims Progress training courses, and Jim Kesterton who spoke of his time with Ray in his very early days of linking with Lin Chan and receiving the writings of Brother Christophorus. Diane also contributed by singing most beautifully the song "Miracles".

Most of those attending the chapel then united at the graveside for the burial where we sang Ray's favourite hymn "They who tread the Paths of Labour" and "God be With You"

Many thanks to those who sent beautiful floral tributes and to those who have sent donations for the Church which at the moment amount to £240.00.

Following the burial it was pleasing that most people joined us for the reception at the Robin Hood Carvery.
For those who could not attend the funeral I have printed some more Order of Service Sheets with a little photograph of Ray on the front, so if you would like one do join us at the Conservative Club where they are available for you

Many thanks again for supporting us and continuing to visit our Website.

God Bless