Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church


at the

 Ray Wilson Healing Sanctuary



We have created a 

WhatsAp Church Healing Group 

for those who wish to receive 

absent healing.

Healing sessions take place every day 

at 8.00pm 

If you would like to know more 

please email with your query and 

mobile phone number.  God Bless


                      PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL US (


                          WE WILL THEN GLADLY INCLUDE THEM IN OUR 

                                      ABSENT HEALING INTERCESSIONS.




If you are interested in Spiritual Healing, and want to know more about it, then included below are some of the most common questions asked of us with our answers given as simply as possible.


Q1 - What is Spiritual Healing and where does it come from?

A – In Spiritual terms it is “pure and perfect love” showered upon us from God.  From a physical point of view, It is universal energy which arises primarily from electromagnetic forces without which life cannot be sustained.  This energy is present in all living things, and arises from a number of sources, namely, the earth itself, water, the air and the sun.  It is also invoked, by prayer to God, by the Spiritual Healers (hereinafter called the "Channels")  through whom the Healing Guides and Ministers of the Spirit Plane of existence work.

This energy has been utilised throughout the history of the earth by the ancients in their Healing arts and has, as the light of understanding has dawned, continued into modern times mainly through Eastern Healing culture.


Q2  - How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

A - Every living thing possesses this life force which forms a Spiritual Aura around it.  When the energy (or bioplasmic matter) within this aura becomes depleted or congested, then ill health or disease of body mind or spirit may result.  The  invoked  Spiritual Healing energy will work holistically, re-energising where depletion exists and cleansing away any  negative congested energies.  Once balance is restored to a person's  Auric body, then balance to and healing of the physical body, mind and spirit may follow,   according to God's Will.


Q3  - I need Healing.  What should I do?

A - Attend one of the Healing Services every Thursday.  If this is not possible, you may be able to receive Spiritual Healing following one of the weekend Church Services.  House visits can also be arranged when appropriate.


Q4 - What  happens during the Healing?

A - You will normally be invited to sit on a Healing stool and will be able to speak to the Channel who will re-assure you about any worries you may have about receiving Spiritual Healing.  Don't worry, you will not be asked to remove any clothing other than a topcoat, if being worn.

You will be asked to close your eyes and relax, it may be helpful to focus your mind upon a cherished object or place.  The Channel will offer a prayer and will prepare to administer "Hands-on" Spiritual Healing.  Be assured that  you will not be physically touched on any sensitive area of the body. 

Whilst  receiving Spiritual Healing you may experience what is known as an "altered state of consciousness" whereby you may experience a feeling of  peace, deep relaxation or spiritual stillness and tranquillity.  You may also see Spiritual visions of colour and possibly images. Each individual will experience different things, some indeed experiencing  nothing at all.  All of these responses are a normal part of the experience of Healing.  At the close, the Channel will offer a prayer of thanks, and then there will be a period of time for you and he or she to exchange thoughts about the Healing session. 


Q5 - Will Spiritual Healing Cure me?

A - It is not possible for a Channel to guarantee a cure.  This is a matter for God alone.  However,  the  purpose of invoked Spiritual Healing is to petition God, on behalf of the individual, seeking His Divine Intervention to modify the condition concerned.


Q6 –What if  I don't believe in God?

A - You may think you do not believe in God, but God believes in you!  He knows how you tick, how you think and how and why you suffer.  He knows what is in your spiritual heart and what you have been through to bring you to this point in your life.  Let's face it, you must be  searching for something or you would not be exploring His website here and now, would you?  We believe that if you seek Spiritual Healing in a positive spirit of Love and Purity then it will not be denied you.


Q7 - What will it cost  to receive Healing?

A -  Spiritual Healing is a FREE GIFT FROM GOD. He does not charge us in coins for it, and in turn we do not charge you for receiving it.  However, as the Healing Sanctuary is a self-funding charitable institution with many overheads to cover, voluntary donations have become a necessity and are gratefully received.



Q8 - What is Absent Healing?

A - This is Healing which takes place when the Channel and the recipient are remote from each other.  It is undertaken through prayer and visualisation when a sick person is unable to attend for healing  in person.  Wonderful results have been  achieved through Channels dedicated to this practice of Healing.  A Healing List is provided for you to enter the names of those you wish to receive Absent Healing


Q9 - Can only "Special" people be  Healers?

A - Spiritual Healing is a natural God-given Gift  granted to all people in one form or another.  However, the gift of "free-will" to mankind will determine what an individual will do with that Healing Gift.   Some people will acknowledge that they were "born" with their Gift of Healing  and will use it all their lives for the benefit of others.

In other cases the Gift may lie dormant within a person for many years until a preordained karmic event opens the door to awakening them to it.  (You may know this more simply as "Destiny") They must then choose whether they will use that Gift for the benefit of others.  Will they act upon the call of Spirit and pursue their spiritual pathway by developing  that Gift of Healing?  Or will they choose to turn their back upon it and return to a purely material way of life?  The choices will lie before them at the appointed time.


Others although potentially capable of Spiritual Healing, will spend their entire earth plane life devoid of any Spiritual understanding, denying the very existence of any presence outside of their own pre-conditioned material world.


Q10 –I think I have a Healing Gift?

A - From a Spiritual perspective, you have been led to us for a purpose, so why not explore the opportunity this  provides for you?  Why not attend the Sanctuary, and have an informal chat about your feelings with the Spiritual Healing Training Tutors.



Q11 - Why must I be trained to be a Healer?

A - Spiritual Healing is a natural God-given Gift.  However, bureaucratic regulations dictate that those choosing to administer Spiritual Healing must not do so without appropriate Insurance cover, which is only available  to  suitably  qualified   Spiritual  Healers.


At Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church we have devised our own In-house Training Programme for Members which leads to certification with the H.P.A.I.  This course takes at least twelve months to complete and will suit only those who are committed to devoting the required amount of time and dedication to the training course.


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