Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church







A most important part of Our Mission is to help bring

Spiritual Understanding to those who seek. 

If you are indeed  a "seeker" of such truths,

then  please read the guidance on this lilac page 

before you scroll down to the main ECSC Spiritual Mission



As you are seeking Spiritual understanding,

it is important to be aware that as you are being awakened

to the Spiritual aspects of your life

you will be guided to many sources of knowledge and information.


Please understand therefore that this website is one of those sources


and is indeed a Spiritually based website. 


You may think that YOU have chosen to visit it

but the miraculous Power of the Spirit of God,

This Website has already been Chosen for you!

Your thoughts, needs and Spiritual longings 

 are already known to God and through His Spirit He is seeking,

through whatever means available

to direct you upon your true Spiritual Pathway

of Progression and Illumination. 

Therefore, based on the true Spiritual understanding that there is

"purpose in all things" and "no such thing as coincidence"

you have indeed been Spiritually guided to this

website for some Special Divine purpose in your life.


 We hope that you are comfortable with this understanding,

 and will continue to enjoy your

journey of discovery through our Pages.


Please scroll down now to the ECSC Spiritual Mission





Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church was founded in 1990 through true Spirit Guidance and inspiration for a number of reasons:


Firstly, to provide a Spiritual environment for those who wish to further their knowledge of the ways of the Spirit through attending Christian Spiritualist Services;


Secondly to provide a Church where the practise and teaching of Spiritual Healing may take place, together with training for the development of Spiritual Gifts granted through the power of the Holy Spirit;


Also to teach the truth about Christian Spiritualism, Spirit communion, and survival after physical death,and to share the teachings of the Church founder's Guides, Brother Christophorus, and Lin Chan, and other highly evolved Spirit Messengers received through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Finally, and most importantly, by the miracle of its very existence, this little Church brings the example of faith and courage to all who feel inspired to follow the pathway of Spiritual Guidance and who seek such an example of what trust and faith in Guidance can achieve.  See the "Pilgrims' Story" page for more enlightenment on this matter.




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