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Posted by Linda Wilson on Sunday, September 30, 2012,

Dear Friend,

We are conducting services right the way through December as we would for any other month.  We will be open Christmas Eve for our usual Monday afternoon service and will be open again in the evening to gather from about 10.30pm for our little Christmas Eve Supper and Watchnight Service.  It's good to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus in a spiritual way with prayer and thanksgiving.  Think about it!

We are also open on New Years Eve for our usual Monday Service and again will op...

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Posted by Linda Wilson on Saturday, September 15, 2012,

Dear Friend,

Our old friend Marie Hampton has very kindly offered to fund-raise for the Church by holding a three week Tai Chi Chuan Workshop for Beginners whilst she is visiting the Birmingham area. 

Marie is an expert practitioner and has many qualifications and long-standing teaching experience.  She has successfully trained many within the Church in the past to practise the ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan and they have benefitted greatly for it.  Full details are set out on the poster below...

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