Dear Friend,

The Church has been up and running in its new home for about six weeks now and we have received nothing but positive and loving feedback from all of the mediums who have visited us to work within the Church.  They have all found it a beautiful environment in which to work.

Those who have joined us in the congregation have also said what a lovely, comfortable little Church it is.  For those of you who are seeking a "foundation" Church, somewhere to call your own, why not come and experience it for yourself.  If you feel comfortable you could then consider becoming a Member of the fellowship which allows you entry into the Pilgrim's Progress training course for Spiritual Development and after that our Training Course for Spiritual Healing leading to certification with the HPAI.  The cost of membership is only £6.50 renewable annually.   You can also received a £0.50 discount off the Saturday and Monday admission charges if you show your Membership card, (in other words after attending only 12 services of clairvoyance you will have recovered your membership fee!).  There are concessions on the Auravision Aura photography charges too.  Oh yes, we do that as well!  It's a wonderful way of gaining evidence of your own Spiritual body, and it provides you with an extensive analysis report with graphics.
Whilst on the subject of admission charges though, we apologise to you if you are used to, and were expecting the same pricing structure as in Edwards Road, but regrettably we are incurring much higher costs in the running of this new building.  You do not have to miss out though, because we have made sure that the Sunday services are accessible to all with free admission,  asking only for free-will offerings from those attending. 

In explanation, please bear in mind that there are many Churches out there that do not have to pay rent, for example, but the pathway for Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church is and always has been different.  It is a testing ground for our faith, commitment and determination to carry out God's Will, and to that end we have to work hard for its existence. 

This is God's decision, not ours, and consequently there are Spiritual laws in force that cannot be avoided.  What we do know, and has been proven time after time, is that when we rise above our material thoughts and concerns and give to God with faith and a good heart, we receive blessings that far outweigh anything we have given.  We do hope that you will join with us in rising to the challenge set before us and that way we can all pass our individual spiritual tests in this matter. 

Watch out for a Special Fund-raising Evening of Clairvoyance coming up with Virginia and Chris Richards on Saturday 19 May 2012 at 7.30pm.  They will be doing a special evening for us including Music, Fun and Private Sittings for those Virginia is inspired to go to.  There will be an admission charge of £5.00 for this one.  It proved a sell-out when they did it for us at Edwards Road, so it might be worth coming to buy a ticket in advance.  Dont forget we only have seating for 30 people in Station Road! 

Well that's it for now, friend.  Do hope to see you soon, and God Bless