Hi Friends,

Many of you will know that having been located at 1A Edwards Road, Erdington for over 21 years, we have now been forced to vacate the building as the owners wish to use the building for their own storage/packing purposes.

So that you know what is happening, we have been searching for new premises for a number of months, and have now located a suitable building within two minutes walking distance from the Edwards Road Church.  It has excellent public transport connectivity (bus and rail) and there is on-road parking immediately outside and along adjoining side streets. 

As many of you may be aware, we applied for Planning Approval many weeks ago to convert the building from Retail to a Place of Worship.  We were told by the Planning Officer concerned that we must determine the best scheme to implement to ensure adequate sound proofing to protect neighbouring properties from sounds arising from our "noisiest activity", i.e. congregational singing and music.  This has proved to be a very costly and time consuming procedure, but we have now secured the services of a noise consultant who we hope will attend the church at the Conservative Club next Monday 15th August in order to measure the noise levels created during a service, and then make the necessary tests in the new  building and the flats above.

Bearing the above condition in mind,  I have been told that the PLANNING APPROVAL HAS BEEN GRANTED TODAY (5th August 2011), so Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!, praise the Lord.  We are nearly there.  We were told by Guidance to have faith and walk in confidence as before, when the little Church was established at 1A Edwards Road, and so it is coming to pass.  Please continue to pray for us that all obstacles will be overcome to enable Ray's new Church to get underway without anymore delay than is necessary. 

HOW CAN YOU HELP?.  Well simply by attending and supporting the church whilst it is  still in its temporary accommodation at the Conservative Club and supporting us.  Ray has tried hard to ensure that the fellowship be given the opportunity to consolidate during its time of transition, but this has proven to be a very expensive exercise with high costs and very little income to meet those costs.  

In case you don't know, we are temporarily operating from the Main Function Room of the Erdington Conservative Club which is located at 93 Orphanage Road. Please note that the entrance to the Main Function Room is the first door on the left of the building through the carpark on Orchard Road.

We are meeting for services of Clairvoyance on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm and Monday afternoons at 2.30pm.
There is an admission charge of £2.50 per person.

For those who attend the service, Healing is available afterwards for a small donation to church funds.

Please join us and enjoy the same friendship and fellowship as always.

And a very big THANK YOU to the faithful few who have ensured that the Church has continued during its difficult time of change, and of course, through Ray's time of illness and transition.  His personal love and thanks to you all.

God Bless You
Linda Wilson
Minister/Secretary to the Trust