Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church


December 12, 2011



November Update

November 11, 2011
Just to let you know that the builders have said they expect to finish their work this weekend.  We can then proceed with building the rostrum, decorating and carpet laying .  If you think you can help us by volunteering your services any time in the next couple of weeks we would appreciate it.  Just give me a call on 0121 681 1071.

Can anyone help with a van to transport items from storage to the new church when the time comes? 

Please contact me if you can help in any way.

God Bless

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October 14, 2011

Dear Member/Friend

Progress on our new Church, situated at 44 Station Road, Erdington, B23 6UE is going well. With God's help (and of course a lot of willing hands and feet) we plan to be working from our new home by December, so please keep your prayers going for us.

Because of the soundproofing and building renovation costs involved, we must constantly strive to fund-raise to ensure the future security and smoothe running of the Charitable Trust, and so if you could help with a donation we wo...

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New Church Location

June 19, 2011
Hi Friends,

Many of you will know that having been located at 1A Edwards Road, Erdington for over 21 years, we have now been forced to vacate the building as the owners wish to use the building for their own storage/packing purposes.

So that you know what is happening, we have been searching for new premises for a number of months, and have now located a suitable building within two minutes walking distance from the Edwards Road Church.  It has excellent public transport connectivity (bus and r...

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