Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church


Welcome to

Erdington Christian Spiritualist Church

and the Ray Wilson Healing Sanctuary



For old friends seeking to renew their fellowship with us, we have now moved to our new Home of God at


44 Station Road,

Erdington B23 6UE.

(opposite Johnson Road)


We have created this website to raise your awareness and build interest in this little Church, and to keep our regular visitors up to date with our Programme of Events


Our Weekly Schedule of Services is set out below, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Services where you will receive a very warm welcome and will enjoy a relaxed, pressure-free visit.

May you be ever aware that the Blessing of the Spirit Rests Upon YOU and Seeks to Guide YOU through YOUR Spiritual Journey of Life.


 Weekly Schedule of Services

Saturday Evening of Clairvoyance     7.30pm             Entry £3.50

Sunday Evening Service                   6.30pm     Free-will offering

Monday Afternoon of Clairvoyance    2.30pm             Entry £2.50



Spiritual Healing

Thursday Afternoon           12.30pm-2.30pm      Free-will offering

Thursday Evening               7.00pm-9.00pm      Free-will offering


 Private Readings

We are fortunate to have the services of a few generous Mediums who seek to do God's Will in aiding this Church/Registered Charity in its fund-raising efforts and have offered to give private sittings on a voluntary basis.

Tickets which are £15.00 per person must be purchased from the Church in advance.


Should you attend a church service and feel that you would benefit from one of these private readings, we can currently offer the following Saturday afternoon bookings


29 June 2013 -                  Linda Vipond           (Places available)

25 May 2013 -                  Maureen Salter        (Sorry al places taken)


 27 April 2013 -              Shirley Finlan        (Sorry all places taken)

26 January 2013 -             Maureen Salter          (Sorry all places taken)


If you are a Medium seeking to do God's work and would like to support this church in its fund-raising activities,

please contact Linda 


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